Escort girl in Bern
07 Feb 2021

I love to learn. I once dreamed of being a psychologist – well, I really love the human brain. All of our existence can be boiled down to the science of our mind and I think that’s truly fascinating. Any anthropological prosute interests me, I am a begin fan of the social arts. I love poetry, and writing, and have dabbled in author work.

By trade, I am a beautiful escort in Bern. I love ink, I love digital art, I love paintings. I love art that makes your heart hurt, or fill with joy, or burst open at the seems. My heart has been put back together again many times over, and I think it a beautiful thing. All part of the majestry of being human.

Please don’t message me with a one or two word message. Introduce yourself and what you’re looking for! Give me an idea of how I can best give you a magical, memorable evening. I prefer to have atleast a day’s notice for bookings but understand that things happen unexpectedly.