I love to learn. I once dreamed of being a psychologist – well, I really love the human brain. All of our existence can be boiled down to the science of our mind and I think that’s truly fascinating. Any anthropological prosute interests me, I am a begin fan of the social arts. I love poetry, and writing, and have dabbled in author work.

I am a very active person. I practice aerial/circus arts, dance and Krav Maga. I absolutely love food, bakeries, good conversation, parks, restaurants, hiking, shows, comedy and am open to any other adventures you’d like to delve into with me!

I will make you feel at ease the moment we meet I radiate sensual energy and love to make those who I’m with feel happy in every way possible. I’m the total package beauty and brains! I’m here to fulfill all your dreams I love one on one time or even dressing up in a nice cocktail dress and we enjoy the town.